Times have changed. Back in the days when you wanted to vote during a meeting you could rent voting pads. These days you are more flexible, because you have the opportunity to vote with your own device, like a smartphone. You have no additional hardware costs, which keeps your expenses low.

With Votegoat you are able to vote wireless without the use of voting pads, but with your own smartphone. Answers are diplayed real time on the presentation screen. Next to the multiple choice option, you can also ask open questions to your audience and vice versa. In this way you create more content and depth to your presentation.

With the audience response system of Votegoat voting even becomes more flexible. With a voting pad you had to come up with questions some time in advance because the installation took quite some time. Also answers were fixed. You could not change them during the voting session. With Votegoat you have the possibility to change, delete or add question during a voting session.


Votegoat is a wireless voting system which your attendees can use to participate in a presentation or other event.  It works cross platform on every device which connects to Wi-Fi or mobile internet.

With the use of Votegoat you can ask your participants real time questions during an event, which they can answer directly with their own smartphone. Results will appear on a big screen directly for  the complete audience. But it also works the other way around: the audience also have the opportunity to ask questions to the presenter. The Votegoat polling tool creates more engagement with the audience.

Gather instant audience feedback and determine the opinion or level of your attendees, which may lead to the development of a new business strategy or improvement of trainings.

Voting with iphone smartphone


Votegoat works on every device that connects to Wi-Fi or mobile internet. You just open your web browser and go to the Votegoat login page. Your participants can start voting immediately and there is no need to download an app. This is an extra advantage of Votegoat as an event tool.

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